The “KlimaHaus Quality Window” seal represents a guarantee for consumers as it is issued by an agency, the ClimateHouse Agency, which is outside the design, production and sale of the product.

Our company can insert the CasaClima seal on its windows, because it has passed a series of tests, which do not only concern the product but also the laying methods.

The big news of this brand compared to other brands, even at European level, is that for the first time not only the energy quality of the window is guaranteed but also its installation in a workmanlike manner. The installation of doors and windows is often the most critical point for the quality and efficiency of the casing system.

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The advantages of the Casa Clima Quality Window seal

New developments in the construction of windows give us the possibility of creating ever greater glass fronts, which isolate almost as much as a wall with a coat, with the advantage that you can see through! However, even in our latitudes we must not forget the solar shading. This works best if you can adjust it according to the solar inclination. The solar shading should always be mounted outside the window, to prevent heat from entering the building.
Which window for which CasaClima? When choosing the ideal window, you must always take into account the KlimaHaus class you want to reach and the exposure of the building. Depending on the area, the location, the altitude and the use of the building the requests that must fulfill a window are different.
Thanks to a careful choice of materials, window and door manufacturer, client and designer can build a CasaClima with a good value for money, energy efficient and comfortable.
Window reference measurement 1230 x 1480

Customer benefits

  • Easy choice based on three quality classes GOLD – A – B
  • Glass guarantee for 10 years
  • 4 year guarantee
  • 5-year paint guarantee
  • Use and maintenance manual
  • Installation manual

Benefits for the designer

  • High controlled technical requirements
  • Minimum requirements for improvement over national regulations
  • Compulsory continuous training for the design of the architectural details of the nodes: wall-frame joint and counterframe-window as well as special solutions (box for roller shutter and shutters)

Benefits for the installer

  • Installation manual indicating method, procedure and materials
  • Compulsory and continuous professional training on the laying system.