We plan, organize, restructure and build.


CaSANAtura brings together a select group of professionals who work in accordance with the highest European standards.

Today the reference point is born for those who want to build, renovate in the field of high energy saving buildings following a single imperative: quality!

We carry out any type of intervention that you need in the field of energy-saving building, from renovation to the construction of new housing units.
Experienced professionals and a specialized technical study will also follow you on site control and in the final construction tests until the required certification mark is reached.

CaSANAtura guarantees:

  • a single interlocutor
  • a quick realization
  • very low energy consumption (-90%)
  • very high thermal and acoustic insulation
  • healthy and natural environment
  • no humidity and less dust
  • warranty
  • earthquake-proof house
  • fixed price