Who we are

About us

Fanzola was born in 1925 and is still present on the Piedmontese market in a deep-rooted way and has the ability to reach many Italian regions.

Thanks to its high quality standards, it can export its doors and windows throughout Europe and especially in countries where regulations are more stringent in terms of energy efficiency. The company also has a great environmental sensitivity: it exclusively uses timber from certified forestation areas and has adhered to the Sustainability Manifesto approved in 1990 by the Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit. A sensitivity certainly useful for commercial purposes, but that Fanzola puts into practice with great conviction every day in his work.

In an era characterized by the constant reduction of energy resources, making homes that save energy is the new way to go. We must build using eco-sustainable criteria and materials that do not pollute, that are 100% recyclable and 0 km.

Our products guarantee:

THERMAL insulation
SOUND insulation
SECURITY  tamper-proof
ACCIDENT prevention

Our values:

Energy efficiency 90%

Low-emissiviry glasses with gas in the room, thermal seals, installation without thermal bridges, insulating wood par excellence.

Environmental awareness 95%

Water painting and natural waxes

Sustainability 80%

Wood as a renewable resource. Total recycling of processing waste with biomass heating systems

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