Smart service

From the point of view of energy efficiency, it is not sufficient to use high quality materials and products, but in the specific case of the shutter component, an accurate assessment of how the same is inserted in the architectural context is of fundamental importance. In particular, the window must be positioned so as to ensure:

  • No thermal bridges;
  • Complete insulation of the frame-wall connection;
  • Adequate connection with the other elements such as box, coat;
  • sill and doorstep;
  • window alignment with external insulation.

This is why Fanzola, through its technical office, offers its customers the SMART service technical consultancy service.

The competence of the staff, the innovative work method and the ability to work in harmony with the designer guarantee the achievement of the pre-established result. In this way the energy performance of the building calculated a priori, will be found in the reality after completion.

Verification during construction with blower-door-test, thermography and final test with acoustic verification according to the law.