Use and maintenance of Fanzola products


By purchasing a Fanzola wooden window frame, you have chosen a product that, thanks to the care taken in processing and the experience in the transformation of the raw material, combines the aesthetic value with a virtually endless duration, respecting nature.
In fact, wood has always been used in the construction of doors and windows due to its high resistance to wear and exposure to atmospheric agents. However, in order for your Fanzola wooden window frame to maintain all its aesthetic and functional characteristics, it is advisable to follow some simple rules of conservation and cleaning.

Wood products

  • Check the tightness and condition of the surface coating.
    All our windows and doors are treated and painted to limit the effects of time and weather. Painting tends to deteriorate over time, exposing your window to greater possibilities of wear: we therefore advise you to check the state of the paint at least twice a year, preferably before the cold winter and hot summer months, intervening promptly if the surface film shows damage or cracks.
    If your window is light in color or made of particularly delicate woods, such as softwood, the integrity of the paint should be checked more frequently. If the paint layer appears to be in good condition, it will be advisable to simply and periodically renew it, applying the appropriate toning product with a simple cloth.
    If the visual examination shows cracks, removals or interruptions in the protective film, it will be necessary to proceed with the repair, through the application of the same type of paint in the parts where it has been removed.
    Finally, in the case of doors and windows that, due to the action of time, are now devoid of any trace of protective varnish, it will be necessary to carry out restoration work: the window must be sanded, so the wood must be soaked again and finally two coats of protective varnish must be applied.
    Through these operations you will guarantee the resistance of your window to the effects of atmospheric agents, ensuring in particular that the water-repellency level of the window remains unchanged over time, avoiding any damage caused by water.
  • Check the condition of hinges and metal parts.
    At least once a year check the operation of closures and hinges, lubricating them if necessary; also check all the screws, tightening those that have partially yielded.
    During this operation, also check that the holes on the floor or at the base of the window are free and sliding, cleaning them if necessary.
  • Check the condition of the frame and gaskets.
    At least once a year, check the frame and check the condition of the gasket: if it appears out of the office, replace it; pay particular attention to the water drainage channels, which must always be cleaned and kept free from any foreign matter that could obstruct them.
  • Take care of the CLEANING of your windows.
    The most important operation to ensure the longevity of your Fanzola windows is to keep them clean, thus protecting wood from the corrosive effect of dust, smog, grease … and also preserving its brightness and beauty. To ensure perfect cleaning of the frames, simply clean them regularly using a soft cloth with soapy water or other neutral, specific detergent: do not use detergents, alcohol or ammonia to avoid removing the protective film and damaging the surface of the wood.

Remember, in any case, that wood is a natural and living material, destined to evolve over time and with atmospheric elements. In particular, wood is sensitive to changes in humidity, which on the one hand involve color changes and on the other possible deformations of the structure itself. With regard to possible expansions and deformations, Fanzola windows and doors are designed to withstand the effects of the evolution of the material, with specific tolerances that must be respected during laying and using multi-point locking hardware. As for the chromatic alterations, you don’t have to worry about whether: your window changes color with exposure to the sun presenting darker spots (in light woods) or lighter (in the case of dark woods): it is sufficient to intervene with the product toning to ensure that the evolution of wood is completely natural and without aesthetic problems; in case of heavy rain the dark woods release brown liquids: it is simply the tannin that is extracted from the action of the water, it is sufficient to intervene with the tonic product to avoid an excessive penetration of the water itself; in conditions of extreme humidity surface stains appear in the case of light lacquered woods: they will disappear within a few months. These changes are absolutely natural and are not normally a sign of defects: the beauty and warmth of a wooden window frame lies precisely in the unique quality of wood to live, change and evolve, together with you and your home.

Null and wood-aluminum windows

External maintenance totally eliminated! No maintenance is required on the outside of your windows. The only attention to keep the windows as new is to keep the silicone profiles clean in the Null version and in aluminum in the alu-wood version.

Regarding the verification of hinges and metal parts, frames and gaskets and window cleaning, the same rules apply as for wooden windows.