Why choose a wooden window?

It is estimated that a tree, during its growth, is able to absorb one ton of CO2 for every cubic meter of wood produced. One of the main features of Fanzola products is the wood + wood profile, developed starting from the concept of the coplanar window frame.

The decision to use only FSC-certified wood for Radiata Pine and PEFC wood for native woods, at the expense of a loss of thermal insulation, compared to the solution of integrating other synthetic materials (such as polyurethane, CO2 thermal foam or the like), is justified from the desire to consider the aspect of environmental sustainability.

Our fixtures are an ideal solution in the case of low-consumption buildings built according to the criteria of green building or in projects that include specific attention to the ecological aspect.

All current fixtures are made thanks to the help of lamellar technology.
In practice, this sophisticated technique consists of assembling 27 mm-thick wood strips, after having been dehumidified and dried, with a high-frequency gluing system, thus obtaining the profiles to be used in window construction.
This allows the wood to assume characteristics of non-deformability, while maintaining its aesthetic requirements unchanged.

Laminated timber

High quality certified laminated timber.
The certification serves to guarantee a responsible and sustainable forest management certified in every phase of production, from planting to processing, available in the following essences:

Wood durability class: 3

Pine: soft wood with thermal conductivity λ equal to 0.13 W / m2K

Wood durability class: 4

Fir: super-tenero wood with thermal conductivity λ equal to 0.11 W / m2K

Wood durability class: 3

Larch: soft wood with thermal conductivity λ equal to 0.13 W / m2K

Wood durability class: 2

Chestnut: medium hard wood with thermal conductivity λ equal to 0.16 W / m2K

Thermal laminated timber (Wood durability class: 3)

Laminated timber made by combining inner layers of precious wood with a particularly effective external layer for high thermal insulation, an ecological alternative to tropical wood.


  • Durability without chemical substances
  • Expansion reduction and withdrawals
  • Superior thermal insulation than native woods
  • Excellent adherence for finishing treatments

Accoya laminated timber (Wood durability class: 1)


The accoya generation wood sets new standards in the production of doors and windows. Tested by institutes recognized as iftRosenheim for features and functions. Certified in the VFF HO.O Tei material lists 4 types of modified wood allowed in the construction of windows.

Produced by Pino which grows quickly and is modified with a natural vinegar essence, accoya has an excellent thermal insulation value.
Visit the site www.accoya.com


  • 50 years of resistance without contact with the ground,
    25 years with soil contact
  • Non-toxic, 100% recyclable
  • Measurable quality not only on the surface, but in all wood
  • Improved durability and natural beauty
  • Dimensional stability