Technical features

COUNTERFRAME Phenolic profiles with total insulation on the 4th side. Flap vapor proof fabric with variable SD on all sides. Seats for gasket applications according to the needs of installation of the window frame.

PROFILE in triple rabbet wood, triple seal.

LAMELLAR WOOD first choice striped, from forests with programmed reforestation: composed of three lamellas of equal thickness, ift Rosenheim bonding certificate, humidity not exceeding 10-12%. Alternatively, EVAPORATED first choice striped softwood. Double row system of junctions, double mechanical fixing with steel bushing.

PAINTING: Intermediate bottom. I cycle four hands to water. Fungicidal and anti-mold impregnating agent. Spray insulation. Spray bottom. Final spray painting. Standard colors: natural walnut, red walnut, light walnut, dark walnut, teak, chestnut … As an alternative treatment with oil or wax, made following criteria indicated by green building (only vegetable and mineral raw materials).

LOWER NODE: Threshold of the external doors in aluminum and internal part thermal cut in wood.

GASKETS in Deventer thermoplastic rubber with high elasticity with total absence of dimensional shrinkage. Sealing gasket and an acoustic, along the entire perimeter of the door. Additional sealing gasket on leaf and frame along the external side profile.

GLASS SEAT: Seal panel along the internal and external perimeter. No cuts on the 45 ° joints. Internal silicone. Glazing beads with internal lip seal fixed with screws or in the fixed fixed version.

GLASS: triple glazing, double room. Treatment with low magnetronic emissivity. Cavity filling with Argon Gas. Spacer Cromatech Ultra ψ 0,041 (stainless steel coated with polycarbonate).

HARDWARE Class 3 closing hardware, adjustable bolts with multiple locking points, cylinder with burglar-proof security key with Defender lock. Adjustable hinges in three dimensions. Lower knot realized with external aluminum threshold and wooden interior.

Some examples of customizations

The external door is the border between your home and the whole world, the first sign of your personality.
Each Fanzola door is first of all protection against any intrusion, thermal and acoustic protection. Its strong and unassailable soul is born from a system of cutting-edge security technologies and devices.
His body can be dressed and made to design, to harmonize with the environment and reflect your lifestyle.

mod: D – D

mod: E – E

mod: F – F

mod: L – L

mod: M – M

mod: N – N

mod: Cirmolo

mod.Larch cooked in 2 panels with glass, grid and pins

mod. Cooked larch waxed with 3 panels

mod. Larch cooked in staves

mod. Grating with window

mod. 6 panels bronze

mod. Provenza

mod. 3 panels with glass panel