NULL light!

The NULL LIGHT, EVO NULL LIGHT and EVO NULL SUN LIGHT windows and doors have the same technical and energy characteristics already described in the previous dedicated sections but in each one an interesting new has been added !!

The window hides an RGB LED strip that surrounds the entire door and illuminates the window frame on four sides. This lighting allows you to create an object with integrated light, unique in its kind, creating an illuminated path inside the house at the glazed hole. The light is dimmable through the use of remote controls or switches with the possibility of changing color at will. The LED, being retractable, does not emit direct light but this, is reflected in the edge of the window creating a relaxing effect on sight, in relation to the principles on which chromotherapy is based, where colors convey beneficial properties.

The choice

The product LIGHT can be made in both the NULL and EVO NULL versions depending on the customer’s needs and aesthetic appeal.


From a scientific point of view, color is an “optical sensation” that varies according to the wavelength of light. When a beam of white light passes through a crystal prism it breaks down into its different colors, the same as the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Each of these colors has its own frequency and emits a different amount of energy and vibrations such as, for example, musical notes. Color is not an absolute material reality because it is above all a sensation and all human beings perceive color differently. Color is a SUBJECTIVE feeling.

Chromotherapy is an alternative discipline that uses specific colors to treat certain disorders. It is an effective supportive therapy that can be used alongside conventional medicine or natural therapies. Already the ancient Egyptians and the ancient Greeks used colors as a therapy, up to the end of the 19th century with the American physicist Edwin Babbitt who described, on a scientific basis, radiotherapy with colors by introducing the basics of modern chromotherapy. In 1896 the Danish Niels Finsen founded a Institute of Photomedicine for the treatment of tuberculosis and his studies earned him the Nobel Prize.

According to this discipline, when a part of the body is exposed to a colored light, an absorption of electromagnetic waves occurs whose frequency varies according to the color. The basis of chromotherapy is the belief that these colors can influence the body and mind of a subject, in order to restore and promote balance or control certain disorders. This therapeutic method uses chromatic vibrations to restore an altered energy balance.

To each his own color

Depending on the stress of the day or on the activity taking place at home, you can choose the color that best matches the moment by creating a unique atmosphere. You can look at the landscape with a different “light”.

WHITE COLOR: it comes from the sum of the seven colors of the rainbow. It is revitalizing and gives energy to our whole body.

RED COLOR: primary color that represents a philological condition of stimulation and strengthens will and courage overcoming inertia.

YELLOW COLOR: primary color that stimulates the brain activity and has a beneficial effect on mood. It promotes the ability to concentrate and lightens the burden of tensions by improving communication skills and interpersonal relationships.

BLUE and LIGHT BLUE COLORS: primary color associated with infinity, calm, emotional serenity, harmony and relaxation.

GREEN COLOR: secondary color (yellow + blue), is the color of nature and symbol of stability and balance. It is associated with calm and stimulates the harmonic vibrations of thoughts and pacifies the senses.

PURPLE COLOR: secondary color (red + blue) that acts on the psyche and the unconscious dimension. It is the color of meditation and calm, of creative flair and spirituality, it encourages inspiration. Calm nervous disorders when irritation and anger prevail.

ORANGE COLOR: secondary color (yellow + red) is the color of joy, well-being and joy. It is a color that is soothing to the psyche and returns enthusiasm and joy of life.